In this release, we only provide the core version of IsA data we mined from billions of web pages (Other data may release in future step by step). This data contains 5,376,526 unique concepts, 12,501,527 unique instances, and 85,101,174 IsA relations.

The following is its sample data:

Instance Concept Relations
microsoft company 6189
microsoft vendor 898
microsoft client 489
microsoft firm 461
microsoft large company 437
microsoft organization 436
microsoft corporation 364
microsoft brand 343
microsoft software company 279
microsoft technology company 241
Instance Concept Relations
apple fruit 6315
apple company 4353
apple food 1152
apple brand 764
apple fresh fruit 750
apple fruit tree 568
apple crop 483
apple corporation 280
apple manufacturer 279
apple firm 257

Disclaimer: The data, service, and algorithm provided by this website are based on the automatically computing and training of public available data. They are only for academic use. The user of such data, service, and algorithm shall be responsible for contents created by the algorithm by complying with compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Team Members:

  Data Mining and Enterprise Intelligence Group, MSRA

We would like to acknowledge Haixun Wang, Zhongyuan Wang, Yangqiu Song, Hongsong Li, and many interns for their contributions to the Microsoft Concept Graph and the Microsoft Concept Tagging model. Especially for Haixun Wang, he initiated and led this project when he was at Microsoft Research. We highly appreciate his tremendous contributions and insightful vision which make this project succeed finally.