API Usage

We provide REST APIs for serving your applications. These APIs are standard, cross-platform, and easy-to-use.

Disclaimer: The data, service, and algorithm provided by this website are based on the automatically computing and training of public available data. They are only for academic use. The user of such data, service, and algorithm shall be responsible for contents created by the algorithm by complying with compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

 API-Key Registration

You need to take 30 seconds to fill out some simple information, and then you can get a key to use our APIs:

API-Key RegistrationX

Please take 30 seconds to fill out the following information to proceed to get a key to use Microsoft Concept Tagging APIs. This information will not be shared or sold with others.

Online API document

 GET /api/Concept/ScoreByProb

Example Request from your application

https://concept.research.microsoft.com/api/Concept/ScoreByProb?instance=microsoft&topK=10&api_key={YOUR API-KEY HERE}

Example Result